Gain skills, knowledge and confidence.


ESRD affects 10% of the US population, growing at a rate of 5% a year. There is no one-fits-all approach to dialysis access. Every patient is unique. Kidney Academy Onsite dialysis access training and certification courses cover the spectrum of available dialysis access techniques for best long-term outcome. 

Kidney Academy Onsite training participants receive temporary state medical license and hospital privileges and engage in supervised hands-on surgical practice with 80-100 case mix from angiograms to placing HeRO devices in an increasingly challenging dialysis access population.  

Kidney Academy Onsite Learning Objectives:

•  Incorporate open and end endovascular dialysis access surgeries seamlessly

• Understand the complex nature of dialysis access decision making

•  Learn the expanded indications, risk and benefits enabled by new technology such as suture-less anastomosis, early cannulation grafts, thrombectomy devices

• Master techniques for common dialysis access procedures such as central vein pathology access thrombectomy and basilic vein procedures